Saturday, September 1, 2012

Starting a Super September

If we were asked to identify the one activity to which we dedicate the most time and energy, it would be planning. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We spend hours at Panera, inspired by the smell of fresh bagels and the sound of classical music. Our children know where to find us on a Saturday morning or a holiday. We prefer a booth. The fastest we move in life is from a stand-alone table when a booth finally becomes available. 

The ideas created at Panera have made their way to our classrooms and have made our jobs a little more joyful. Each idea is crafted and is carried through with the intent of making our limited classroom time more effective. 

We are determined to be very focused on learning, but we are equally determined to have a lot of fun a along the way. Also... there is no such thing as too cute, too fab, too glam, or too froo-froo. 

We push ourselves every day in our jobs. The energy comes from our own determination and excitement, the engagement and enthusiasm of our students, and the expectations of their parents. We know that parents purchased homes in our school district in order to guarantee the best possible education for their children. We intend to deliver. 

We are very excited to share our ideas and favorite activities with you!

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  1. LOVE your blog ladies! Can't wait to see what all you two come up with! I will post about your new blog and TpT store tomorrow. Great job!-Yvonne :)